8 Best Code Editors for Designers in 2021 (Free & Premium)

Having at least a basic understanding of coding is an important skill that every designer should have. Knowing your way around website design, HTML, and CSS will help you stand out among other designers.

Even if you’re a graphic designer working on print designs, you’ll never know if or when you’ll land a high-paying job to design a website or even parts of a website. Having some front-end design skills will definitely help advance your career as well.

The process of learning front-end design and coding begins with finding the right code editor for you. There are a lot of different code editors out there. But, only a few that are perfect for front-end designers.

In this post, we showcase some of the best code editors you can use for front-end design and coding. There are both free code editors and premium ones as well as web-based apps. Have a look.

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